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Payout ratios:Payout ratios are indicators of the propensity of the company to reinvest or give out profits.

= Dividend paid on common shares / Profit after tax available for common shareholdes

PEG ratio:A stock's price/earnings ratio divided by its year-over-year earnings growth rate.

Per share ratios:Per share ratios are indicators of the value of one unit of investment within a company.

Perpetuity: Series of equal periodic cash flows that continues forever.

Preferred Stock:Part of the capital stock of a corporation that has priority over the remaining stock or common stock in the distribution of dividends.

Previous close:The last price at which a stock traded on the previous trading day.

Price - earnings ratio (P/Ex):Price per share / Earnings per share

Price / EBITDA:Price per share / Earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization per share

Price patterns:Patterns that appear on price charts and that have predictive value. Patterns are divided into reversal and continuation patterns.

Price ratios:Price ratios indicate the value of the share in terms of company valuations and market valuations.

Price to book value (P/BVPS) :Price per share / Book value per share

Price/CFPS:Price per share / Cash flow per share

Profitability ratios:Profitability ratios indicate the management's ability to use capital and to put it to its optimum use.