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Debt capital: Funds borrowed to finance the operations of a business.

Debt to Assets :Debt / Total Assets

Degree of financial leverage (DFL): Percentage change in net income for a given percentage change in net operating income.

Degree of operating leverage (DOL):Percentage change in net operating income for a given percentage change in sales.

Descending triangle: A sideways price pattern between two converging trendlines in which the upper line is declining while the lower line is flat.

Discount rate: Rate used to convert future cash flows to present values.

Discounted cash flow:The present value of future cash flow.

Divergence: A situation where two indicators are not confirming each other.

Dividend payout ratio: Ratio of dividends paid out to total earnings.

Dividend per share (DPS):Total annual dividends paid to common shareholders / Common shares outstanding

Dividend to Cash flow :Dividend paid on common shares / cash flow from operations after taxes

Dividend yield :Dividend per share / price per share

Dividends: Earnings and profits of a corporation appropriated for distribution among shareholders.

Double top:Price pattern displaying two prominent peaks.