Open an account

Opening an account with Taurus Securities Limited (TSL) consists of the following simple steps:

1.You read, understand and accept our Terms and Conditions before submitting an application.

2.You submit an Individual Account or Joint Account application in any one of the following ways:

3.You fund the account with a minimum deposit of Rs. 25,000 in cash, or shares registered in your name, along with your application. The combination of cash/shares is entirely up to you. Please see deposit instructions below.

4.The Application should be mailed to our following address:

    New Accounts
    Taurus Securities Ltd.
    Suite 604, 6th Floor
    Progressive Plaza
    Beaumont Road
    Karachi 74200

For further queries, feel free to contact with Mr. Ayaz Hussain at 111-828787 EXT 212.

Deposit funds

You can send us your minimum deposit by cheque, funds transfer, demand draft or payment order in favour of Taurus Securities Ltd. Payment instruments should be enclosed along with your application. Payment instruments should preferably be drawn on a bank situated within our branch cities (currently Karachi and Peshawar). Please note that out of town collections will result in bank charges debited to your account, and will also result in delayed account opening.

Electronic transfers may be sent to:

From within Pakistan
MCB Bank Ltd– Karachi Stock Exchange Branch
Beneficiary: Taurus Securities Ltd.
Account number: 1000451
For the account of: "Your Name"
Account number: "Your TSL account number"

Standard Chartered Bank-Teen Talwar Branchh, Karachi, Pakistan
Swift address: SCBLPKKX
Beneficiary: Taurus Securities Ltd.
Account number:08-0418890-01
For the account of: "Your Name"
Account number: "Your TSL account number"

If you wish to open your account with an electronic transfer, your account will be activated in three steps:

    1.You send us the completed account opening forms, along with the required attachments. (For detailed instructions, please read relevant sections of the FAQs). We set-up your account and mail your account name and number to you. However, at this point, you cannot use the account to trade.

    2.You transfer the minimum deposit to us as per the above instructions.

    3.Once the funds are cleared, we activate your account and immediately notify you. You may then begin trading.

Deposit shares

  • Shares on the CDS: You will have to transfer your shares to our CDS Participant Account No.: A00620. If you have a CDS Investor Account, you can issue transfer instructions to the CDC. Alternatively, you can instruct your custodian/existing broker holding shares on your behalf to transfer those shares to your CDC sub account maintained with us.
  • Paper shares: Taurus does not accept paper shares for deposit unless they are traded on the CDS (click here for stocks currently traded on CDS). You can deposit paper shares (certificates) with us personally, or through the mail. In order to tender valid delivery, your paper shares must be accompanied by a signed transfer deed duly verified by the registrar of the issuing company. We will induct them on the CDS on your behalf for a fixed fee that covers the cost of the share transfer fee, CDS deposit fee and other incidental charges. The fee will be debited to your account. Your account wil be activated for trading once the shares have been inducted on the CDS.

Please provide the transfer/delivery details in the section provided for that purpose in the account application.

Start trading

Your account will be activated once the minimum deposit sent by you has been realized i.e. funds have been cleared and/or shares received. You can begin trading as soon as we notify you via a Welcome Letter that your account has been activated and is ready for trading. A Relationship Manager (RM) will be allocated to you to look after all your trading needs, including investment advice, order execution and research. A Customer Services Manager (CSM) will be allocated to you to handle all your account needs and queries. You simply have to contact your RM in order to begin trading. The name and contact details of your RM/CSM will be included in the Welcome Letter.